Apr 5, 2009

Can't Wait Until October!

So.... a good friend and faithful reader of mine has a super exciting announcement to make... and I'm waiting for her to tell the world via her blog.

It may or may not have to due (haha... play on words there!) with a certain something joining her family in oh... say... October!!!

Ok, here's a hint... 'cause I know you're dying to know.......

This is what the surprise looks like right about now...

I won't give her away cause I think she'll want to be the one to announce it (you know who you are!) but I can't keep quiet for much longer!!!

And just to be clear here.... it's NOT me! :)


Unknown said...

Hey thanks for helping me announce it on my blog. Your the best. I love all the support I get from all my sister-in-laws. I'm so blessed to have married into such an awesome family.

Amy said...

That's exciting news! Congrats, Mindy!

Dana M. said...

Yay. Mindy! That is so exciting!! Congratulations


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