Nov 7, 2008

LooPYLoos for my Nephews

This is what I made the other night when I was feeling crafty and creative. You can go here to read about the first LooPYLoo that I made for Luke. I'm liking these two better.

And this is where the magic happens. I do all my crafting at this table... LooPYLoos, scrapbooking, costumes, etc... It's a little disorganized but I still love it. I'll have to post a tutorial on how I made the bulletin boards that are holding all of my ribbons. They're pretty easy to make and most of you probably already have made them or at least know how.


koby said...

Wow, love the room, I dream of having a craft room, maybe one day. Cute blanket too!

Sarah said...

I like your table better than mine - yours looks a little more stable! (And my sewing machine is shoved in my closet. Sad.)

Albertson Family said...

I love the tag blankets, and that is such a good idea how to hang your ribbon----your such a crafty chic!:)

ty and megs said...

i'm so jealous! what i wouldn't give for a space for all my crafting day when we're no longer living in our shoe box apartment, right?

let's hope that is sooner rather than later. :)


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