Feb 4, 2008

Blue Man Group

So Mike and I had the opportunity to see the Blue Man Group this past weekend. I have to say they are very interesting indeed.
The first word that comes to mind is "awkward". They don't say a word the entire time but still interact with the audience a lot. They pulled audience members up on stage with them occasionally and then just stood there looking at them curiously. They had a band that was really good and they also had some homemade instruments that really were a lot of fun. PBC pipes with u-joints etc... made a great organ kind of thingy (for lack of better words) and they used vacuum cleaner hoses too for some pretty cool sounds. My favorite was a grand piano with the top removed. They tilted it on it's side and used a huge rubber mallet to bang out chords that actually sounded great with the rest of the band. They played some great classic rock music and some not so great original music.
After the show we had some "Meet and Greet" passes and got to see them in a more intimate atmosphere. I will say that was....well....weird. They still didn't talk and for those that wanted autographs, they had blue paint on their lips (of course) and kissed the paper instead of actually signing anything. I was kind of surprised at some of the groupies who were thrilled with this little display.
All in all enjoyed the show. It was definitely a random bunch of entertainment but if you ever get the chance to go I would recommend it. It was worth the experience.

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Lauri said...

What? Never heard of them. But now, thanks to you Karli I am somewhat in-the-know about Blue Man Group. Since I probably won't ever have the experience of seeing them for myself, I'm glad you shared yours.


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