Sep 11, 2011

My Gallery Wall

Yo peeps! :) I've been working on bunches of stuff lately... one of which is a gallery wall. I took some photos of the boys a few weeks ago and had them printed on floated gallery wraps. I then added some free printables that I matted with scrapbook paper and framed in spray painted frames I found at garage sales. To add a little color and finish off the look I also framed a few smaller pieces of scrapbook paper and...... voila!


Anna said...

i'm oooing and ahhhing. love it, karli! good job, sista!

Leah said...

Super cute! Love it! It helps that your boys are so adorable too!

The Sohm's said...

Karli, you don't know me but I know your sister Kara. My name is jenni and i am good friend with michelle mccoy and that is how i know your sister. II happened to be blog hopping and love this wall you did!! So fun!! You inspired me to try this with a wall in my house!


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