Jul 27, 2011

The Boys

I find it incredibly (sp?) sad that I take so many photos of other peoples families and children yet neglect taking many photos of my own children. Today I decided to remedy that and we had a lot of fun traipsing around taking photos. (Well, most of us. Luke was in no mood to have his picture taken :)

Something to remember for next time, bring extra help. I found it difficult to entertain, get baby's attention, position, mother and photograph at the same time. I'm going to need some help in getting some fun group shots... any takers? :)

And I had to get this beautiful shot of the canola fields. They may not be the sweetest smelling crops but man are they beautiful!


Jill said...

I just really love this boys! What fun little personalities.

Dana M. said...

Your boys are so adorable! And I agree about the canola fields. The smell is nothing a little Scentsy or Salt City candle can't fix. But they are SO pretty!

Anna said...

These are such fun pics of your boys, and what a great-looking crew they are too! I can't imagine ever tiring of hugging the stuffing out of 'em. That yellow of the canola is really something amazing.

Jana Jensen said...

Very sweet, porter looks so big.

Leah said...

They are adorable boys! And great pictures too!


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