Mar 4, 2011

The Nursery

Well the nursery is finished and anxiously awaiting baby!

I mentioned before that I ordered the bedding set from and they didn't dissappoint! The price was great and the services was, again, wonderful. The bedding actually arrived 3 days before it was supposed to and that's pretty much unheard of up in this neck of the woods. If you are an online shopper I would highly recommend CSNstores. The variety is amazing and like I said earlier, the service is superb.

And now, on to the nursery reveal.

First come the before pictures.

This first picture is from the day we moved in. This room was kind of a minty color with a lovely wall paper border and some accordian shades.

The first thing we did when we moved in was replace the carpet, take down that border and the shades and then paint.

This was Luke's room for a while so I went with a shade of blue. It's from Benjamin Moore and it's called Province Blue. I really liked it then and I still like it now so I didn't change the wall color.

When Luke was in here there were baseboards and decorations but I took these photos after I had taken all that out in preperation for the next part of the transformation.

So here is what the room looks like now...

We added board and batten around then entire room and replaced the baseboards and frames around the doors.

I think the board and batten really help the crib stand out. Here you can see the adorable new bedding I ordered from CSNstores.

The Firetruck sign was something I made years ago when Porter was a baby. Same with the chalkboard above the changing table. When we finally have a name for this little guy I think I will write it up there on the board.

I think my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house is the changing table. We picked it up at a garage sale before we had Porter. It has been through some cosmetic changes in the past few years but I love the shape and bones of it!

We have had these curtains for about 5 years now and I love them still but they needed a little pick-me-up so I added the ribbon stripes along the bottom. I love how they turned out.

And another favorite piece of furniture is my rocking chair...

We saved up for this chair for quite a while and finally bought it when Luke was a baby. It is sooooo comfortable! The perfect addition to the nursery.

I bought this lamp a few years ago for really cheap and I just took some scrap fabric and recovered the shade. It has been in the older boys` room for a while now but I repurposed it to go in the nursery. The colors were perfect and I think it will be great for those late night feedings. The firetruck was something I bought probably 7 years ago. I got it at a great price and it works perfectly in this room.

So that is the nursery! It is ready and waiting to welcome this little guy in the next few weeks!


Leah said...

I love it! It looks so cozy in that room! You are so talented!

Lauri said...

Karli, it turned out wonderfully. You (and your creations) should be in a magazine.

Lynn said...

It's awesome! You've done some amazing things with new additions and keeping some of the older sentimental pieces. Truly a gorgeous nursery. Keep us posted! Can't believe it's pretty soon already. Can you? Hee HEe.

Dorena said...

The room looks fabulous!! :) Love the color scheme in there! :) Best wishes with the new arrival soon.. So exciting!

Melissa Stiles Rowland said...

It looks fabulous! I remember when you bought that changing table. And now baby number four. I'm so excited.

Amanda said...

Super cute Karli! You are so talented!

Mindy Gulbranson said...

I like the new makeover. It looks awesome.

Kobe Family said...

I love how you finish off the walls, I love that look! I'm going to call you when we build our house! So cute.


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