Nov 23, 2009

"Deck the Halls"

I put up my Christmas decorations the other day and I am in HEAVEN!

I can justify this early decorating because here in Canada we are well past Thanksgiving and Christmas is only 5 weeks away!!!

I haven't done a lick of shopping but my decorations are up!

(And a big thanks to Mike for putting up with my craziness.)

And now...

A few pictures of the trees and other decorations!

This is the tree in our bedroom. It will soon have a whole bunch of gorgeous peacock feathers and other fun filler!

If you look closely you can see moi, waving at you!
Hello you!

These are the two trees in my living room. They are the boys's favorites.

This is my favorite tree this year.
(It actually looked a lot better yesterday, before Luke tried to plug it in and knocked the entire thing over. Man, the balls went flying!)

And this is the tree in my family room. It's the original Hurren Christmas Tree.

And a few other pictures...

Merry Christmas!!!


Lynn said...

Ooooo!!!! I LOVE it! Every single one of them. We are kindred spirits. I finally found someone else who doesn't think it's nutty to have a tree in almost every livable space. LOL!

I am going to have to show this post to my husband. He will now have to accept the fact that two trees are not nearly enough in our house.

That WAY cool that you have one in your bedroom! Truly..

Lauri said...

I am SO in the mood now. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too.

Kelli said...

I. LOVE. IT!!! Will you come decorate my house? Seriously. I love the picture of the ornament with your reflection waving. Heehee :) You're so cute. I really want you to send me pictures or do a blog post of your entire house. I love your style and I need decorating ideas!!

tiffany thorne said...

Karli! wow all the trees are great! and all the other decorations and the pictures up! i cant wait to see your house now i bet it looks so different then when i saw it! i think i am coming home now!! so i am soo EXCITED! i will find out for sure tommorow! love you and miss your GUTS!

Dana M. said...

Beautiful house!!

KWit said...

What a touch you have... Your house is BEAUTIFUL. The tree in your room, what a GREAT idea. I seriously love it all. YOu are so talented!

Kara said...

Yay, yay, yay! Bring on the Christmas music, trees, etc. We need it all! Looks beautiful!

Sarah said...

Beautiful!! You should seriously think about starting up a decorating business. I have a friend in Logan who makes a GRUNDLE decorating people's houses at Christmas time.

Amy said...

Karli, I love your decorations. I can't wait to put mine up now, too! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures!

KC said...

Looks like you are having lots of holiday fun! And your vampire party looks like tons of fun. I'm almost motivated to move to Canada to be your neighbor :)


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