Sep 6, 2009

Playing a Little Catch-Up

So I've been missing in action for the last few weeks, I know... bad me. I do, however, have a few decent excuses. The first excuse explains itself if you click HERE.

The second excuse can be explained by the pictures below.

The above are all picture of my new bedroom. Doesn't it look so warm and inviting? No, you say? Well, give it a couple more weeks and it will. You just watch!

This is what the entryway looked like last week. It already looks completely different but I've got just a few more things to finish and you'll see the complete transformation. You might be surprised at what a little paint and bead board can do. I know I was.

I know it's a mess, but don't feel bad for me cause I don't. I'm just so excited for what's going to be there when it's all said and done! And besides that, after a day of dealing with paint, dust and sheet rock up to my eyeballs, I can sit on my couch, log onto my computer and relax by reading all of your blogs! And I get to do it all while looking out my living room window at the great view in our new house!

(I'm not even going to mention the doe and fawn that reside down the little hill near the river and spend many an evening on our back lawn entertaining the boys with their prancing and dancing around. Oh, and I also won't mention the buck that was following said doe around today, trying to get frisky, (it is that time of the year, after all). Nope, I won't mention all that just because I wouldn't want to make anyone jealous) :)

And on another note, I have been thinking of a few fun tutorials that should keep you busy for a few days during those upcoming winter months. Think "Doors: From Dreary and Drab to Cheery and Fab". Ok, so, I'll need to work on the title but you get the idea!

And one more note... (this is what happens when you take a month long hiatus from blogging!)

The half marathon is only 5 weeks away.

5 WEEKS!!!

And my running coach/buddy/inspiration/motivation/bestest encourager ever just found out she has a stress fracture in her foot and CAN'T RUN WITH ME!!!

I'm sad, I'm bummed, I'm discouraged.

But I'm not going to give up.

I'll be in Victoria on Oct.10th and I WILL run the half.

Nice try universe... you're not getting me to quite that easy! And by the way, Universe, you can't stop her. She still helps me on my runs, she just does it on a bike! HA! So there!!!

But seriously, Becky...



Beth said...

Well... I am jealous not of the mess (the mess that will soon be beautiful I am sure) but of the view I wanna live somewhere with trees

Lynn said...

Okay......I am TOTALLY jealous of the view! Seriously! Gorgeous!

Kelli said...

I can't wait to hear about your big race!! Good luck and train hard ;)

Anna said...

What a breathtaking view! Drool. And post pictures soon of the remodels. It looks exciting.

Paula said...

Can't wait to see the finished pictures! I am finally posting some summer pictures on my blog today. Take a look in the afternoon!

Marissa said...

Good Luck! We'll be in Vancouver on the 27th...will just miss ya!


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