Dec 25, 2012

From Santa

Every year Santa leaves us a letter when he drops off the gifts and fills the stockings.  These letters are probably my favorite thing we get each Christmas morning.  Below you'll find this year's installment.  Feel free to laugh because I did. :)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dec.25, 2012
Dear Hurren Family,                                                                                                                                          
  Merry Christmas!  2012 has been a great year.  Thanks for sending me your lists.  I didn’t receive them in the mail, like I usually do, but just at the last minute, they arrived somehow, magically on my desk.  There was just enough time to make sure we had the right presents for each of you.
  Cohen, great job learning to walk and talk, this year.   Next year you need to learn to poop on the toilet, and then you’ll be golden.  You almost made the naughty list a few times, because of all your whining, but I gave you a pass, since you’re pretty adorable, most of the time.
  Luke, you are doing awesome in school, this year.  Great job!  You’re very smart.  There were a few times during the year that I thought I was going to have to put a bear on the naughty list for eating your face off, but it turned out it was just you screaming really loud.  Maybe think about toning it down, for the neighbors’ sake.  But keep up the good work and remember to be nice and kind to everyone.
  Walker, you have had a great year with school, sports and all your extra activities.  Your enthusiasm and creativity are immense.  Keep imagining and keep inventing!  I wasn’t able to fit a whole science lab on my sleigh for you, but keep at it and eventually you’ll get there.  Remember to do what your parents tell you, without being told twice, and they will help you accomplish your dreams.
  Porter, your list was very unselfish this year and I have given you a special gift in your stocking.  Thanks for being such a kind-hearted and generous young man.  Now that you are getting so big, there is more responsibility on your shoulders, but I know you can handle it.  Good luck in your new school.  It will be a change, but you’ll soon make lots of new friends.
  Karli, you’re as smoking hot as ever and your husband is lucky to have you.  Seriously, it’s like beauty and the beast over there.  Have you seen how hairy he is?  Oh, well.  Keep up the good work and stay classy.
  Mike, sorry about the hairy comment.  Between you and me, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of man fur.  Keeps us warm on those cold winter nights, am I right?  Anyway, you’re still the most amazing person in the entire world.  Seriously, I made a list and checked it twice, and you came out on top both times.  Solid job.
  Elwood, meow, meow, meow, mrrrowwwrrr.  Meow, meow, prrrrrrrrrrrr.
  Garyn & Jill, don’t think I would forget you.  Glad you could come stay with your family for the holidays.  Jill, good luck with your new job hunt.  I’m rooting for you, but with those crazy Democrats in office, there’s only so much even I can do.  Garyn, good luck with grad school and stay thirsty, my friend.
  Pudge, good boy, but please lay off the Chinese noodles.  Rudolph nearly passed out from the stench, when we landed on the roof.  ps bark, bark, barkity, bark, woof!

Best Holiday Wishes,
Santa Claus

ps  All the reindeer say thanks for the grapes.  They were a big hit.

 I love my husband. :)


Anna said...

i love this idea of including a letter from Santa that kind of sums up the kiddos accomplishments for the year. gonna do this when case gets old enough to care. merry christmas!

Anna said...

What a fun idea! Wish we had thought of something like this when our kids were younger. They're on to us now, though. Can't wait to see you once you move down here. I was impressed with your moving sale list. It's gotta feel good to start fresh, but I have to say, it would be hard for me to part with so much all at once! You're an amazing Woman!


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